What are the Benefits of using DigiCHA?

Top 5 Benefits of using the DigiCHA Single Assessment Tool

5 | Simple Workflow Automation

DigiCHA is an all-in-one solution to filling out and keeping track of specific  community health assessments and integrates with electronic  health records. Community health improvement through digital transformation is here. Our software has been developed to cater to a broad range of people, so the user experience is simple for both younger and older people alike.

DigiCHA incorporates elements of digital transformation in a way that makes sense. No longer are forms filled out manually on paper but rather by a much more dependable digital process using contemporary healthcare technology. Enjoy the ease of accessibility that a cloud based tool can provide with DigiCHA’s well guided assessment format; Assessments and intake have never been easier. Leverage DigiCHA’s advanced features to monitor the health status of your clients and track their evolving needs.

This online community health assessment identifies key information about patients, including physical and mental health. Thanks to the single assessment tool (sat), your digital health records are stored and secured through Nesda. Once you are happy with your completed form, you can export and send to whichever designated health authorities or individuals required.

DigiCHA currently works within the public health region of Ontario and its Local Integrated Health Networks (LHINs). Additional assessment algorithms for regions outside of Ontario may be available upon request.

4 | Includes Offline Tool

We understand how stressful it can be to try to use an online application out where the internet connection is less than stable. Which is why Nesda has added the ability to complete the forms offline.

DigiCHA strives to improve community health assessments by making them more accessible to those in rural areas by including software that allows you to transfer their information securely and return to the online application later on. Despite not being online when using the single assessment tool, instant health status results are still available as well as the full suite of algorithms.


3 | Combines with third-party client management software

Once the online digital healthcare form is completed, DigiCHA has the ability to export the online assessment information to the user’s designated choice of third party software.

DigiCHA also works with NesdTrak, created by Nesda in Belleville, Ontario. Include the health needs assessment in your planning process to evaluate the level of health services required more accurately. Take the calculated results produced from evaluation and distribute into your client management software to allow for advanced reporting and statistics.

2 | DigiCHA is Secure

DigiCHA is secured in a data centre, provided by Nesda Cloud. Their state-of-the-art data centre is centrally located between Toronto and Ottawa in Eastern Ontario.

Nesda Cloud is compliant with data centre security standards, including building regulations, information security, energy efficiency and more.

You can visit the website by clicking here or the image above.

1 | DigiCHA has a live video trial

If you would like to see for yourself how DigiCHA works, you can witness an example of the community assessment tool for free! Fill out the form on our homepage. We will respond as soon as possible and set up a time for the video trial.


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